Where do I start what do I call it and how do I introduce myself? All great questions!

So, as I sit here on any regular Saturday evening on my deck under our gazebo with my Doberman by my side, I figured why not work this out.

Here it goes, I have such a love of history and I guess I always have; I just didn’t know how much. While in Highschool you hear about becoming a nurse, lawyer, hairdresser, plumber, etc. No one ever says hey kid there are jobs in Museums and History organizations. So, it wasn’t until I was about 40 or so that I found a Nonprofit Historic Trust and threw myself right into every aspect of it. I was on the board, I learned about collections and archives, worked on a project finding enslaved people in the town. I took every class I could and learned everything I could about the care and handling of Collections and Archives, all through museum programs.  No one taught me I don’t have a college degree, I did it all on my own. I have about nine years of family genealogy under my belt by this point and with previous super sleuth, experience found myself researching and understanding the Rabbit Holes I needed to go down.

I also research for a Paranormal team here in my state. I know, I know history and paranormal don’t make good bedfellows, but you’d be surprised. Just one more thing that started when I was younger. So, to start this blog and the history, I figured why not start at the beginning. Where I grew up, the houses that I lived in. Where history and paranormal intermingle.

History, Genealogy, and the paranormal are all my passions!

 As a wife and mom of two wonderful people, one of which is too old for my liking and the other has more energy than at 46 I can handle. Not knowing what I wanted to be when I grew up and having these two wonderful people it’s hard to find time for school now. So, what better way to use the energy I have left. I will be researching and sharing whatever I can find and haven’t found. I have decided to work on what has captivated me from a young age and then wherever that brings me. At times it might seem as though there isn’t any logic, but trust me it will all come together. There will be plenty of Rabbit Holes I go down.